For the past two years we have been updating the Summit Inn and wanted to show the progress we have made.  On August 16, 2023 it will be our two-year anniversary and this page travels through our initial attempt to purchase the Summit in early 2020 up to the present day.  We will do this through photographs, videos and most excitedly with 3D Virtual tours created with a 3D Camera.  Below are photos from old web pages, some we took in January 2020 when we first became interested in purchasing the Summit Inn, and some from June 2021 when we had decided to purchase the Summit but wanted to get more detailed photos.  We hope you enjoy this visual journey through our renovation of the Summit Inn!


The first area we wanted to renovate was the hallway and the stairs to the second floor.  We removed the carpet, painted the walls, and bought carpet.  By early February we had this task accomplished and it was time to move on to Rooms 7-10.

First on the list after finishing the hallway was Room 10, our Three Room Suite. Fortunately, Gail's three sons, Nick, Jacob and Joseph were able to stay with us for a week and put in new Lifeproof Flooring.  The photos on the left are older photos of Room 10 and the Virtual Tour below shows the completed hallway and Room 10 as it looked before we began the renovation.  

The renovation of Room 10 went pretty smoothly.  The Virtual Tour above shows the completed hallway as it looked before the room renovation began and the pictures on the left show some action photos!  The Virtual Tour below shows Room 10 in the midst of renovation.  Enjoy!

Rooms 7, 8 and 9 followed and you can check out what Rooms 7 and 9 looked like before we began in the Virtual Tour below.  The photos on the right are from January 2020 and some from our initial updates in September 2021.